Shaun has grown into this business; he joined the ‘90s-founded Falkland Garage in 2010 as a mechanic, later went on to manage the whole business himself in 2017 and came to FIDC this year to help expand his operations.

The timing is spot on too; always a strong sector – with multiple vehicle ownership common in the Islands, plus high attrition rates – vehicle maintenance has consistently performed well in the Falklands, and has not been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

There remains a waiting list for vehicles to be serviced and, on the back of this, Falkland Garage continues to build reputation, goodwill in the community, and a well-established client base. They service a range of vehicles for private clients and businesses from different sectors of the economy.

This high demand has led to Shaun looking to increase capacity by recruiting another mechanic. He also wants to reinvest in the facilities and infrastructure of his business to streamline operations and improve efficiency to further meet the customers’ needs.

The FIDC Business Development Team were impressed by Shaun’s experience and dedication – and are keen to help deliver on his ambitions, offering advice and consultation on boosting his enterprise.