Located on the eastern coast of East Falkland, Richard & Toni Stevens have called Port Sussex home for the last 38 years.  Primarily a sheep farming enterprise, the couple ventured into tourism to supplement their income and opened their self-catering cottage ‘Trout Court’ in 2018.

The enterprise has experienced steady growth and a constant stream of visitors since opening, and although Covid-19 has affected international travel, the introduction of the TRIP Scheme has seen a reinvigoration in local tourism.

Encouraged by the uptake in domestic tourism, and optimistic that international connectivity would resume, Richard & Toni boldly decided to open a second self-catering unit at Port Sussex, the ‘Scurvy Grass Snug’. 

The new self-catering, a static caravan, is located to the west of Port Sussex Farm House and FIDC is delighted to have supported this addition to the tourism sector.