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From starting out to expanding operations, a number of businesses have seen the benefits of our grants and loans. Read more below about some of the local businesses we have helped and how...

Falkland Garage


Shaun has grown into this business; he joined the ‘90s-founded Falkland Garage in 2010 as a mechanic, later went on to manage the whole business himself in 2017 and came to FIDC this year to help expand his operations.

The timing is spot on too; always a strong sector – with multiple vehicle ownership common in the Islands, plus high attrition rates – vehicle maintenance has consistently performed well in the Falklands, and has not been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

There remains a waiting list for vehicles to be serviced and, on the back of this, Falkland Garage continues to build reputation, goodwill in the community, and a well-established client base. They service a range of vehicles for private clients and businesses from different sectors of the economy.

This high demand has led to Shaun looking to increase capacity by recruiting another mechanic. He also wants to reinvest in the facilities and infrastructure of his business to streamline operations and improve efficiency to further meet the customers’ needs.

The FIDC Business Development Team were impressed by Shaun’s experience and dedication – and are keen to help deliver on his ambitions, offering advice and consultation on boosting his enterprise.

Scurvy Grass Snug

Port Sussex, East Falklands

Located on the eastern coast of East Falkland, Richard & Toni Stevens have called Port Sussex home for the last 38 years.  Primarily a sheep farming enterprise, the couple ventured into tourism to supplement their income and opened their self-catering cottage ‘Trout Court’ in 2018.

The enterprise has experienced steady growth and a constant stream of visitors since opening, and although Covid-19 has affected international travel, the introduction of the TRIP Scheme has seen a reinvigoration in local tourism.

Encouraged by the uptake in domestic tourism, and optimistic that international connectivity would resume, Richard & Toni boldly decided to open a second self-catering unit at Port Sussex, the ‘Scurvy Grass Snug’. 

The new self-catering, a static caravan, is located to the west of Port Sussex Farm House and FIDC is delighted to have supported this addition to the tourism sector.

Boxwood Pod

Hill Cove, West Falklands

At Hill Cove, on the northern coast of West Falkland, Peter and Shelley Nightingale decided it was time to import the Islands first ever glamping pod.  Peter and Shelley farmed West Lagoons for 26 years until its sale in 2015.

The couple are experienced hosts, having first welcomed visitors into their home during the 1990s when wool prices were low and following the sale of the farm, added Kelper Tours –a bespoke service for visitors, offering personalised and unique experiences on West Falkland.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding international tourism, the Nightingales were encouraged by the overwhelming community support of the TRIP Scheme and with additional support of FIDC, the pod arrived in the Falkland Islands in late 2020.

The industrious couple have undertaken mostly all of the construction of the log cabin pod themselves and proudly welcomed their first guests in February 2022.

C&R Lettings Ltd


Luke Clarke and Claudio Ross, known to most as C&R Construction, have successfully been operating as a partnership and subsequently a limited company for over a decade. The business has successfully been delivering high profile projects for the public and private sector and in their portfolio of work can boast the Harbour Lights Cinema, the FIG Fisheries building and the replacement roof at Christ Church Cathedral to name but a few. In addition, they have also completed many domestic builds and renovations, earning themselves a reputation as trustworthy, sought after tradesmen.  

When Luke and Claudio first approached FIDC for guidance and support with a new housing project, it signalled a pro-active shift in the private sector. It had been well documented that there was an urgent, critical shortage of housing in the Falkland Islands and had been identified as such by respondents of the FIDC Business Climate Survey 2020 as a barrier to growth and innovation. Luke and Claudio identified this much earlier and in anticipation of building property to lease, bought land to develop back in 2014.  In 2019, the decision to firmly enter the sector was made and C&R Lettings Ltd was born. 

Whilst global events may have slowed progress on the project, demand for housing remains and is a mainstay focus for the Falkland Islands Government. FIDC is thrilled to support Luke and Claudio in their enterprise and is keen to see this project be delivered.

Stephen Floyd


With the growing FIG Capital Works Programme and private investment in infrastructure the construction sector continues to go from strength to strength. This sectoral growth has provided opportunities for new entrants into the market.

Stephen has years of experience as an Electrician working in both the private and public sector, and having identified the continued growth in the sector, made the decision to branch out as self-employed.

With contracts for work secured, Stephen approached FIDC for assistance in setting up his new solo-venture and we were happy to provide support to this new sole trader, with grant funding aiding the set-up costs of his new business.

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