Free Energy Audits

Wind and Solar energy production

As part of FIDC’s new Green Business Programme, free energy advice was recently provided to many businesses in both Camp and Stanley.

Former FIDC Rural Energy Advisor Andrew Crighton was contracted to provide a range of advice on behalf of FIDC. His work was primarily focused on energy audits which are inspection surveys that enable the full picture of a building’s energy use to be better understood, allowing for inefficiencies to be identified.

Andrew had a packed programme during his time in the Islands consisting of site visits to businesses, meetings with FIDC clients to offer energy advice on projects they are developing and also visits to Camp to provide renewable energy advice to several businesses.

Andrew will be following up his meetings by providing reports to the businesses that he met with that will outline options on reducing energy usage as well as recommendations for potential future energy investments.

FIDC were pleased to welcome Andrew back to the Islands to provide this service which complements the work of our Business Development Team and the implementation of the Green Business Programme.

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