Green Business Programme

Green Business Programme

The FIDC Green Business Programme has been established to support the Falkland Islands’ aspirations as a community to be more environmentally focussed, and enable sustainable business practices, developing a green economy. It is linked to the Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce Climate Pledge.

FIDC administers loan and grant funding schemes for both the business and domestic community.

As well as financial assistance, FIDC supports a number of environmentally focussed projects...

FIDC Energy Audits

FIDC’s new energy audit service for businesses was successfully launched in October 2022 and currently runs annually with a visiting consultant.

An energy audit is an inspection survey that enables the full picture of a building’s energy use to be better understood, allowing for inefficiencies to be identified and creating a report focussing on how businesses can reduce their energy consumption and associated costs.

EV Charging

FIDC are currently partnering with FIG to develop EV charging infrastructure network solutions, having commissioned a feasibility study in 2022.

Water Solutions for Camp

Alongside available grant funding to make improvements to existing water systems in Camp, FIDC have been exploring green technology opportunities for increasing available water.

Working in Partnership

FIDC continues to partner with FIG and other stakeholders in environmentally focused feasibility studies and to scope out pilot projects under the Green Business Programme.


FIDC is exploring opportunities to facilitate sustainability training for Falkland Islands businesses.

Development grant funding is available for businesses to become more environmentally sustainable.

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