Hillside Business Park – Beauty Lashes & Nails

Mikaela's new business at Hillside Business Park

Paola Pallero Orellana moved to the Islands in February 2022 and 8 months later created her business, BeautyLashes, to utilise her qualifications and provide the community with eyelash extensions.

As the business has grown she has been able to expand her services to also include eyelash lifting, eyebrow waxing, tinting and shaping, manicures, acrylic extensions, soft gel tips and gel polish. She enjoys being able to offer discounts for weddings and other annual events held in Stanley.

After operating her venture from home for the first 16 months Paola is excited to have her own work space at Hillside Business Park and is able to offer a more spacious, comfortable and sophisticated environment for her clients.

She looks forward to perfecting her craft and continuing to increase her skills. Paola would love to collaborate with other local businesses, from beauty salons to hotels, to promote and expand her services.

Our team are available to offer business/finance advice and assist with creating a business plan or completing the application form. E-mail strategic.projects@fidc.co.fk to receive an application form, or ask any queries.

A digital copy of the 2022/23 FIDC Annual Report is now available to be downloaded...
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