Hillside Business Park – Falkland Islands Film Company

Oly Dempster of the Falkland Islands Film Company has a wealth of experience over the last 20 years and has worked in various roles within the film industry; working on films (with Ray Winston, Andy Serkis, and Robert Carlyle), top end commercials (with Sylvester Stalone), music videos (with Justin Timberlake), producing content for Nike and UFC, and his recent broadcast credits include Channel 4, the BBC, Globo and PBS.

Oly decided two years ago to begin his business venture in the Islands, to continue promoting the Falkland Islands as a world class destination for wildlife photography and filming. He likes the idea of creative community and appreciates that the Hillside Business Park has been established to support small businesses. His new space allows him the opportunity to work with clients in a more professional surrounding and continue to offer and expand his services in film making, image/content creation and offering his knowledge through teaching along with catering to the needs of visiting camera crews and productions companies.

Our team are available to offer business/finance advice and assist with creating a business plan or completing the application form. E-mail strategic.projects@fidc.co.fk to receive an application form, or with any queries.

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