Sea Lion Island Update

Mickey and Sarah on Sealion Island

Along with a huge thank you to those involved in the efforts to contain and extinguish the wildfire on Sea Lion Island, FIDC would like to commend the incredible resilience of the tenants, Micky and Sarah from Wild Falklands Limited, who have been stalwart in facing the rapidly evolving and unfolding challenges of a wildfire in this National Nature Reserve.

As their efforts and focus continue to be on addressing and ensuring the Island’s safety and planning for recovery, it is appreciated that communications with Wild Falklands may be delayed. Please be patient as they continue to monitor conditions and begin the process of planning future restoration efforts.

FIDC as owners of the island, have been very fortunate to have secured tenants with such a passion for conservation and they are truly remarkable and inspirational wardens of Sea Lion Island. We will continue to support Micky and Sarah as they strive to protect the island and the rehabilitation efforts that will follow.

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